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We at Alsalaam Enterprises are a trusted wholesaler for branded and generic bulk medicines that include orphan, not-yet-available, and hard-to-find products. We supply medicines to health-care organizations, doctors, government agencies, pharmacies, and clinics. We stand out from the crowd for providing customized solutions to an otherwise complex supply chain. The goal is to make it simpler for our target audience to avail our products.

Our wholesaler services continuously add value to the pharmaceutical supply chain.Alsalaam Enterprises has long standing relationships with:

  • • Specialty pharmacies
  • • Pharmaceutical/biotech manufacturers
  • • Leading national distributors
  • • Hospitals & clinics
  • • Doctors – Physicians &Specialists
  • Our product offers include complete line of:
  • • Generic &specialty pharmaceuticals
  • • Orphan drugs
  • • Innovative biologics
We are a one-stop solution for all the pharmaceutical needs. Alsalaam is a reputed brand name in the industry that never compromises with the quality and consistency in the products and services we provide.

As a reputed pharmaceutical wholesaler, we fully understand the need for professional warehousing and packagingfor successful medicine distribution and export. Our warehouse is fully-equipped with all the latest amenities. Besides, our sophisticated packaging facilities ensure safe transportation of consignments by the logistics team.Eventually, it is our team of specialized, experienced, and talented professionalsthat make us one of the most reputed pharmaceutical wholesalers.

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