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Pharma Distributor

Alsalaam Enterprises is a fully-licensed and recognized pharmaceutical distributorthat deals in branded and generic bulkmedicines and formulations. We specialize in supplying hard-to-find, not-yet-available, and orphan medicines to pharmacies, doctors, hospitals, government agencies, and clinicsthroughout the world. We have been providing orphan medicines to physicians and specialists of patients having rare diseases, for years.We facilitate orphan medicine distribution throughout our targeted markets. Our modus operandi includes:

  • • Alignment with rare disease physicians’ and advocacy organizations’ groupsfor identifying unfulfilled patient needs
  • • Use of ethical authorized supply channels while ensuring optimal level of supply chain security
  • • Navigate through government import regulations to ensure patients receive treatment in a timely manner
  • • Report and manage salesand other market data to comply with local early access requirements

At Alsalaam Enterprises, we strongly believe that each and every patient having a rare disease deserves access to treatments that enhance and save lives. For years, we have maintained a high market reputation for being a top pharmaceutical distributor across continents. We have set the standards in our industry by procuring and supplying products that meet the highest quality standards. At the same time, our emphasis has been to never sacrifice our personal approach in the service of all our client accounts.

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